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Casio HT6000 synth arranjador vintage 1987 na sommexe celzap 21-964661433

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The HT-6000, released in late 1987 but not widely available until late 1988, was an entirely different SD synthesizer which greatly expanded SD the synthesis engine. While designed as a consumer model, it was far more powerful than the more professional-appearing HZ-600 whose synthesis engine the other HT's utilized. The HT-6000 introduced for the HT line some of the more high-end features previously only included by Casio in the CZ line, such as ring-modulation, detuning, key-follow, and initial-touch (which, among the CZ's, was only found on the most advanced model, the CZ-1). The HT-6000 used an impressive 4 DCO's per voice (vs. 1 on the other SD synths, and 2 on the CZ synths). It had 64 DCO wave forms to choose from (32 basic, 16 with noise [white or metallic], and 16 with ring modulation). It had 8 independent VCF filters (1 per voice, vs. 1 per channel), and added key-follow parameters for both the DCA and VCF. The DCA also added attack and decay curves (acute and obtuse). It also added an independent ADSR envelope for noise. The 4 DCO's each use the same waveform, VCF and DCA envelopes, but can have separate tunings, velocity response curves, and relative DCA envelope depths. Stacking the oscillators with detunes allowed the creation of flange and chorus effects, fat "super saws", and the creation of dual-note or even triad and 4-note leads. The filter cutoffs could be set to respond to velocity which added some expressiveness. Because each oscillator could have separate tuning and velocity response, it was also possible to have the pitch change according to pressure, if one of two differently tuned oscillators had an inverse velocity curve. Ring modulation used oscillator 4 to modulate oscillator 3, and allowed the creation of metallic and pulse sounds, lower bass harmonics and even distortion. Like the HZ-600 but unlike the others, the HT-6000 had a complete parameter list silkscreened on the outer panel, somewhat alleviating the need for a manual. In terms of "home keyboard" features the HT-6000 improved the auto-accompaniment versus the previous HT's by including some additional PCM drum sounds, an additional accompaniment part ("obbligato"), 4 bass patches (versus one), additional chord inversions (including more tonic, suspended and subdominant triads), and the addition of "Intro" and drum and chord "Variation" for auto-rhythms. The HT-6000 was also sold in Germany by Hohner as the KS-610/TR. The HT-6000 was reviewed in Keyboard Magazine, November 1988, p. 149. If the HT-6000, rather than the HZ-600, had been packaged as the "professional" model, it may have sold much better.

Feature Comparison Matrix[edit]

Casio SD Synth FeaturesHZ-600MT-600HT-700HT-3000HT-6000
Keys 61 Full 49 Mini 49 Mini 61 Full 61 Full
Built-in Speakers No Yes (1W+1W) Yes (1W+1W) Yes (2W+2W) Yes (2W+2W)
Velocity (Initial Touch) Sensitive No No No No Yes
Polyphony 8 8 8 8 8
Multi-timbral MIDI Channels 2 3 3 3 4
Programmable SD Synthesis Yes No Yes Yes Yes, Expanded
Headphones Jack Front, 1/4" Rear, 1/8" Rear, 1/8" Front, 1/4" Front, 1/4"
Volume Pedal/Line-in Jack Yes, 1/4" Stereo No No Yes, 1/4" Stereo Yes, 1/4" Stereo
Line-out Jacks L & R 1/4" None L & R RCA L & R 1/4" L & R 1/4"
MIDI Jacks In, Out, Thru In, Out In, Out In, Out, Thru In, Out, Thru
Transpose -5 to +6 No -5 to +6 -5 to +6 -5 to +6
Chorus Analog, 3 levels Analog, no levels Analog, 3 levels Analog, 3 levels Analog, 3 levels
RAM Card Patch Capacity (Upper/Lower) 120 / 60 None 20 / 10 20 / 10 20 / 10
Accompaniment Sequencer Memory (Banks x Chords/Operations) None 1x 1304/395 2x 640/198 2x 640/198 2x 427/198
Pitch Bender Range Selectable (Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, Perfect 5th) Fixed @ Major 2nd Fixed @ Major 2nd Fixed @ Major 2nd Fixed @ Major 2nd
Modulation Wheel Yes No No Yes Yes
Programming Wheels 1 None 1 1 2
Auto-shutoff override Yes No No No Yes
Keyboard Split 3 split points None 2 (only for auto-accompaniment) 3 split points 3 split points
Preset Patches Piano, Harpsichord, Jazz Organ, Brass Ens, Symph Ens, Synth Bells, Magical Wind, Blues Harmonica, Light Harp, Plunk Extend, Elec Piano, Vibraphone, Synth Clavi, Strings, Synth Bass, Synth Celesta, Pearl Drop, Synth Reed, Fantasy, Typhoon Sound. Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 Synth Ens 1, Cosmic Dance, String Ens, Brass Ens, Pipe Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Guitar, Trumpet, Vibraphone, Synth Ens 2, Cathedral, Symphonic Ens, Synth Brass, Jazz Organ, Elec Piano, Harp, Funky Clavi, Flute, Synth Bells
"Internal" Patch Defaults (Rewritable except on the MT-600) Piano 2, Marimba, Pipe Organ, Strings 2, Synth Ens 1, Synth Vib 1, Koto, Double Reed, Clarinet, Miracle, Elec Piano, Vibraphone 2, Violin, Synth Strings, Synth Ens 2, Synth Vib 2, Synth Harp, Slash Reed, Synth Guitar, Explosion Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 Synth Ens, Space Fantasy, Chorus, Synth Harp 1, Pipe Organ 2, Piano 2, Harpsichord 2, Harmonica, Synth Reed, Steel Drum, Brass Ens 2, Metallic Sound, Synth Sound, Fantasy, Jazz Organ 2, Synth Celesta, Synth Harp 2, Clarinet, Synth Guitar, Marimba
Auto accompaniment patterns None 20 presets, non-programmable 20 presets, 10 internal, +10 card 20 presets, 10 internal, +10 card 20 presets, 10 internal, +10 card
Volume Sliders Master, Lower Tone Master, Accompaniment Master, Accompaniment, Drums Master, Accompaniment/Lower Tone, Drums Master, Accompaniment/Lower Tone, Drums
Accompaniment Parts 0 (No accompaniment) 2 (Chord, Bass) 2 (Chord, Bass) 2 (Chord, Bass) 3 (Chord, Bass, Obligatto)
Accompaniment Bass Patches 0 (No accompaniment) 1 1 1 4 (Wood, Elec, Slap, Synth)
Accompaniment Obligatto Patches 0 (No accompaniment) 0 0 0 6
Programmable PCM Percussion Sounds 0 (No accompaniment) No programmable percussion. Preset rhythms use the 15 HT-700/3000 drums. 15 (bass, snare, rim-shot, elec. toms (hi, low), ride, claps, hi-hat (open, closed), bongos (hi, low), timbales (hi, low), agogos (hi, low), claps) Same as HT-700 18 (same as HT-700/3000 but adds gated snare, timpani, orchestra hit, cowbell, and drops the claps.)
Chord Inversions available for Custom Accompaniment 0 (No accompaniment) 0 (Not programmable) 8 8 14
Rhythm Intro No (No accompaniment) No No No Yes
Rhythm Ending No (No accompaniment) No No Yes Yes
Rhythm Variation No (No accompaniment) No No No Yes
Accompaniment Variation No (No accompaniment) No No No Yes
Auto-Harmonize No (No accompaniment) No No Yes Yes
DCO Oscillators/Voice 1 1 1 1 4 for upper tones, 2 for lower tones
Available DCO Waveforms 32 (Some including noise oscillation) DCO-based presets uneditable. Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 64 (32 basic, 16 including noise oscillation and 16 including ring modulation)
Programmable LFO Settings Pitch only. Delay, speed, depth, wave (saw up/down, triangle, square, random) None Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600
Programmable VCF Settings ADSR w/ cutoff frequency, resonance, depth None Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 ADSR w/ cutoff frequency, resonance, depth, key-follow, velocity curve
Number of VCF's 1 shared/channel 1 shared/channel 1 shared/channel 1 shared/channel 8 independent (1/voice of polyphony)
Programmable DCA Settings ADSR, depth None Same as HZ-600 Same as HZ-600 ADSR, attack and decay curves (acute or obtuse), key-follow, plus velocity curves and depths for each of 4 oscillators
Independent DCA for Noise Oscillator No No No No Yes (ADSR)
Detuning No No No No Yes, higher than fundamental, fine or coarse (but not both together for a given oscillator)
Ring Modulation No No No No Yes, oscillator 4 can modulate oscillator 3.
"Line Editor" Programming No No No No Yes: simultaneous side-by-side view of all 4 oscillators' velocity, amplitude or detune, with 4 pairs of increment/decrement buttons.


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