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Placa Vintage Keys Sr-jv80-04 Para Jv/xp/xv

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Descrição do produto

SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth
Expansion board

Image by Roland

  A must-have board for every keyboardist interested in classic synthesizer patches, SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth focuses on a myriad of classic waveforms from all synthesizers "that count" - including many from Roland's own stable.

On offer are lots of samples from such classics as Roland Jupiter and Super-Jupiter, SH series, Juno, VP-330, but also from other brands such as Oberheim OB series, Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, and many more.

The sound quality of this collection is superb - the programmers were able to capture the analog feel of most of the samples, and treated them with expert programming to add even more authenticity to the static waveforms.

We have all kinds of sounds here, ranging from classic synth bass and soft pads, to resonant special effects, analog strings, and sci-fi ambiences of all types.

You can get an idea of what this board sounds like by listening to the demos below.


Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth audio demos



Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Prologue Beautiful, ethereal pad - The aftertouch opens the filter
003 Replicants Classic analog-like sci fi sound
004 Converge Very nice High Pass Filter action.
006 Big Pad Swp Superb, fat analog pad
008 Animotion Beautiful moving pad
009 Mega 5ths Very interesting portamento pad, tuned in 5ths
010 CS-Sixty BPF Nice, inspired by the Yamaha CS-60
014 OBig Poly Very '80s, Oberheim OB-series polysynth
016 80s OBxa The classic early Polysynth
017 Thick Matrix The mega-classic Matrix-12
022 Juno-6 Power Simple but effective Roland Juno-6 patch
031 MKS-7 Brass Cool little analog brass patch inspired by the MKS-7 module
033 MemoryMG Brs Inspired by the rare "polyphonic Minimoog"
035 Ghost Blow Beautiful soundscape, perfect for ambient music
038 Random Pad Stupendous sample-and-hold LFOs
040 Warm Shimmer Gorgeous simil-analog pad, very warm and spacey.
044 Horror Pad Fizzy ambient pad
050 VS Organbell Classic Sequential Circuits Prophet-VS sounds
056 Wavesync Typical oscillator sync
059 Stacc Heaven One of the Roland D-50's most famous patches
064 Time flies Very nice retro organ type sound
071 2600 TRIbell Analog beauty inspired by the classic ARP 2600
074 Space Echo Yes
077 ElectraPiano Early electric pianos such as RMI etc
082 P10 GuitClav Fat Prophet-10 comp sound
090 Perkolator Curiously '80s, reminds me of the Crumar BIT series for some reason.
094 JP4Sharp Pad Derived by Roland Jupiter-4 waveforms, a nice attack pad
096 MKS80 Sprang Roland MKS-80's analog fantasynth
097 JP8 Strings1 Marvelous.  I've always been a fan of Jupiter-8 soft strings/pads.
098 JP8 Strings2 Same as above.
102 MemoryMG STR Based on Moog waveforms, this is inspired by the big papa, the MemoryMoog
103 OB Thick Pad More Oberheim 1980s splendor -
106 CS Saw Pad and more Yamaha CS-80's beauty
107 CS Strings Again inspired by the classic CS-80 - anastrings to die for
108 Solina Incredible emulation of the Solina string ensemble, very close to the original
109 Rhapsody STR A variant string ensemble - the Elka Rhapsody
111 Juno 106 Pad Honest 1-osc, chorused Juno pad
118 DarkEnsemble Splendid Mellotron style pad
119 LonesomeHill More Mellotron gorgeousness
120 VP-330 Choir Roland's well-known vocoder/string machine
121 VP-330 Tutti Spectacular mix of analog vocals and strings
123 RS-202 Brass Roland's own brass & strings machine
124 Orchestrator Crumar Orchestrator impersonation
128 Mini Lead 1 The Minimoog is always a classic
132 ClassicLead More Minimoog standards
134 MultiMG 5ths Multimoog coolness
140 ModularLead Powerful and expressive modular Moog
151 Wagnerian Ld Progressive rock sound
160 JP6 Bend 5th Hollow niceness
167 MG Beef Bass Very, very beefy Moog
171 ClassicMG Bs Quintessential Moog synth bass - sound used in countless productions
176 MG Bs Pedals The famous Taurus pedals
177 SH101 Zap Bs A classic little monosynth, the SH-101 excels at bass sounds
185 Systm700 Bs2 Rare Roland semi-modular setup
190 Odyssee Bs ARP Odyssey emulation - very nice
208 Palpitating Great sound effect
221 VK-1 Organ Early Roland offering of combo organs
224 Juno60 Organ Happy Juno-60
230 JX-3P Pipes Nice JX-3P chorus
231 Tron Choir Beautiful, spacious Mellotron choir
233 Tron Strings Classic for many genres
236 StrawberyFlt Probably the most known Mellotron sound set - as used by The Beatles in their hit song
239 MKS80 Vortex Scary sound FX -
241 Dark Air Space 1999
242 Airdrome Pan Outstanding airplane fx - sorry, I just realized I clipped this recording
244 Chronos Beautiful special fx, perfect for composing soundtracks
249 Computer Net Ok
250 Faveoravo Classic orchestra hit for dance music
254 Aural Enigma Weird
255 RSS Spinner Nice



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