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Roland MV30 sequencer modulo de sons raridade excelente na sommexe celzap 21-964661433

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 Topic: Roland MV30 (1990) Music Production System / 16 track sequencer  (Read 1843 times)

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Roland MV30 (1990) Music Production System / 16 track sequencer
« on: December 03, 2015, 07:21:07 AM »
8 internal tracks + 8 external tracks

The MV30 Studio M was an early example of a sequencing workstation, combining MC-style sequencing facilities with a U-series sample-based sound engine

The MV-30 is a combination of 30-part, 8-Part multi-timbral tone generator, and a 16-track sequencer in console housing.

The sound generation is based on the U-20, which was extended by the filter of the D-70th A sound program called'Timbre' and based on a'Tone' which is formed by dynamic, with resonance filters and dynamic amplitude and modulated by two envelopes and an LFO. A Tone consists of one or two oscillators, which together, as Split or via velocity crossfade play 1 or 2 dedicated PCM waveforms. The MV-30 has 2 bays for PCM cards to expand the internal storage of 220 Preset Tones, which also maps for the U-Series and the D-70 can be used. There are 7 normal synthesizer parts, which you can assign the 128 storable timbre and a rhythm part (the rhythm timbre 129). The 128 timbre and the rhythm timbre can be stored together as a set with an 8-character name on a floppy disk. Pro diskette 8 sets can be stored.

The sequencer is mainly song-oriented but also offers 20 patterns per song. There are a total of 18 tracks, 1 track for the data (MIDI) mixer and a Tempo track are not intended for notes. The remaining tracks are divided into 8-channel tracks that are permanently assigned to the internal parts of the tone generator and can not give data to the outside. The last 8 tracks can record each mixed data from all 16 MIDI channels and are either output via MIDI or routed to the internal sound generator. Each of the 16 grade tracks can optionally be declared as a Pattern track, and then calls a pattern sequence on. The up to 20 patterns of a song can be assigned as an RPS phrases each key (note number) and then manually once species with the RPS function to beleibigen times. As a recording method are realtime and step input is available and you can edit individual events in detail. Internally, you can record approximately 50,000 events on disk can be ca spoke 70000/100000 events. The maximum song number is 20 (internal) or 64 songs (floppy disk). 

The MV-30 can songs next to its own format and diskettes of the W-30, MC-sequencer (MC-300, MC-500, MC-500MKII and MC-50), the S-sampler (SYS-503, SYS -333, SYS-553) and DOS-formatted with SMF load. Spokes can be songs as MV-30, W-30, S-MRC and SMF songs. The sequencer can operate as a master or as a slave to MIDI clock and knows the Song Position Pointer. The MV-30 can produce an FSK signal to belt synchronization and also run along a tape Rated as a slave.


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