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Telefunken AK-47 MKII R F T CU 29Series Multi Pattern Condensor Tube Microphone na sommexe celzap 21-964661433

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Descrição do produto
The CU29 exhibits a sound that's satisfyingly smooth and has no shocking peaks and troughs, but it's not an all‑purpose mic. What the Copperhead produces best are lovely, three‑dimensional vocals with a smooth but very lively high‑end and comfortable, underpinning bass — just the kind of vocals that sit right in the centre of a recording while everything else flows around them. The Copperhead performs well with acoustic guitar, and does a good job with percussion, too, but it's a vocal mic at heart.The Telefunken brand is one long associated with the high end of the microphone market. Originating in Germany, the name (for the purposes of professional audio, at least) now rests with Telefunken Elektroakustik in the USA. Though not a budget mic by any means, the CU29 Copperhead is Telefunken Elektroakustik's most affordable studio condenser, and is designed as something of an entry point into high‑end mics.The Copperhead has a strong lineage. A cardioid‑only microphone, its capsule is a single‑diaphragm version of that used in the AK47 and AR51 microphones, which both employ multiple diaphragms to give the user a range of selectable polar patterns. The tube used is an NOS (New Old Stock) Telefunken EF95/6AK5 model, in a relatively simple preamp circuit that includes a custom output transformer.The Copperhead's name itself appears to refer to the mic's stylised finish, complete with brushed copper rings at both the top and bottom. It feels nice and solid in the hand, and though I wouldn't want to treat it like an SM57, I found myself confident that it could withstand an accidental tumble to the studio floor without passing on to microphone heaven.The mic itself comes packaged in a nice wooden case, with the seven‑pin XLR cable, power supply and shockmount elsewhere in the cardboard packaging. Including a shockmount is a nice touch, but it's a bit of a shame that there's no hard case supplied for all the accessories, especially in this price range.


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